Culture & Tradition
The old witness - A culture expedition
Music band from Kiens playing music in front of a barn | © Martina Hofer
Ehrenburg with church | © Herbmedia vGmbh
dairyman at work in a meadow | © Rawmedia
Weekly programme and events
Schöneck Castle in summer | © TV Kiens_Georg Tappeiner
Schöneck Castle in summer | © TV Kiens_Georg Tappeiner
On a journey of discovery
Culture & Tradition in Kiens/Chienes

The community of Kiens-Chienes, including the villages of Hofern-Corti, St. Sigmund-S. Sigismondo, Ehrenburg-Casteldarne, and village of kiens-Chienes itself, spaciously extends across the landscape consisting of gentle meadows and hills densely covered with conifers. Since every location has its own very personal contemporary witnesses, those who want to experience them all will need to move around a little.


A cozy hike leads to Ehrenburg-Casteldarne, a village of a thousand inhabitants with its magnificent highlight, the Ehrenburg-Casteldarne Castle, which solemnly towers up over its hill. Those who arrive in the tranquil village of Hofern-Corti will encounter Schöneck Castle, the birthplace of the troubadour Oswald von Wolkenstein.


In order to spend some time at the admirable edifices and then to continue our tour, we hike to S. Sigismondo, where the parish church with the late Gothic appearance also tells an old tale. The winged altar is of great importance that ranges beyond the region, as it is the oldest completely preserved carved altar in all of Tirol/Tyrol.

Music band at the concert in the association hall | © Paul Seeber
Music band at the concert in the association hall | © Paul Seeber
Moving away from the sacred and back to the worldly
Festivals & Customs

As far as festivals and festivities are concerned, the culture is always very present in Kiens-Chienes – in the form of traditional costumes, village bands, and hearty rustic food. Whoever wants to live on the sunny side of life, or at least the sunny side of the Pustertal valley-Val Pusteria, has every reason to celebrate, so in Kienes-Chienes it’s three cheers for tradition!


During the church festivals in St. Sigmund-S. Sigismondo, Hofern-Corti, Ehrenburg-Casteldarne and Kiens-Chienes the mannequin "Michl" is hung up and auctioned off, with the proceeds going to charity. He only gets to watch the merry, boisterous hustle and bustle from above. But he’s usually holding a bottle in his hand, and not just out of thirst!

Herb garden from Bergila | © Bergila
The powers of herbs
Local products of Kiens/Chienes

In the middle of the mountains, in the midst of greenery, close to the shimmering Issinger Weiher-Laghetto d’Issengo, thousands of colorful herbs spread their scent over broad, carefully tended expanses.


At Bergila, top-quality products are made from local herbs from the mountains and meadows, and pine oil is also distilled. Ointments and tinctures, teas and natural cosmetics, essential oils and schnapps – all of it is made from inspected organic cultivation. But this is only one of the producers of local products in Kiens-Chienes.

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