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Two paragliders in the sky
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Paragliding Tandemflights

Would you also like to fly with us? Any one can do this. It does not need any sporting ability or particular expertise. The only thing you need is sturdy shoes, warm clothes and to be preparedto run at the start for 5-6 meters. Your tandem pilot will do the rest. The flight will definitely leave you with unforgettable memories.

If we have motivated you to go flying then simply call us to agree a date or for further information.


Pre-conditions for tandem flights:

- Age: from 4 onwards 

- Start: we run for about 10-15m downhill to get lift-off

- Landing: on landing you only need to run 2-3m

- Health: for your safety we would ask you to inform us of any potential health problems (circulation problems, pregnacy, dizziness etc.) 

- Digital photos and a film of your flight: We can take digital photos and/or make a film of your flight with the help of a special camera. You then get a CD-Rom or a SD-Card of it afterwards.


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