Swimming - Issinger Weiher Pond
Lazy afternoons by the outdoor swimming area
Into the refreshing water!
Swimming at the Laghetto d'Issengo pond

Giving yourself some time off to spend with friends, or simply just lying in the sun and diving into a nice book – lazy afternoons by the outdoor swimming area are an inseparable part of summer.

The Laghetto d’Issengo-Issinger Weiher pond is the perfect place for carefree unwinding. Children, on the other hand, will find ample opportunities to play with other kids and to explore the lovely natural swimming pond.

The beautiful little lake is just a few miles from Chienes-Kiens and is surrounded by an aromatic spruce forest. A cafe and a restaurant are directly adjacent to the swimming area.  And just a few minutes’ walk to the east is the high rope course with a variety of exciting routes for both experts and beginners.