Mountain climbing
Exploring mountain worlds
Sunrise at the summit | © Skirama Kronplatz
Two hikers on a steep slope
Hikers on the Putzenhöhe
Hikers on the Putzenhöhe
Climbing impressive Dolomite peaks
Mountain climbing in Chienes

Towering high above Chienes-Kiens are a few very worthwhile mountain peaks that absolutely have to be on the bucket list of every mountain climber.

Chienes is the ideal location for starting out on the Fundres-Pfunderer Mountain Trail. Along that route, there are interesting summits and rewarding scenic lookouts that grant a view of the gigantic mountain world of South Tyrol-Südtirol. Guided tours with experienced mountain climbers also offer the possibility of scaling the peaks of the not-too-distant Dolomites, or even the giants of the main ridge of the Alps. Reservations are necessary. 

autumn mood | © Tourismusverein Kiens, Kiens
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Ins Almgebiet der Rodenecker - Lüsner Almen
Distance 10,7 km
Duration 4 h 30 min
Ascent 720 m
Decent 720 m
Grünbachsee | © TV Kiens, Kiens
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Hiking to Putzenhöhe/Cima Pozzo
Distance 11,3 km
Duration 4 h 10 min
Ascent 870 m
Decent 870 m