Through Kiens/Chienes and around by bike
Cyclist next to maize field | © Georg Tappeiner
Two cyclists resting on a bench | © HERB- Media vGmbH
Cyclist at picnic in meadow | © Georg Tappeiner
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Cycling in Kiens/Chienes

Ernest Hemingway knew it well: “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.” Nowhere else can this statement be more fitting than here in Kiens-Chienes, right in the midst of the “Green Valley” an ideal starting point for discovery on two wheels.


The flat valley floor provides the perfect invitation to long-distance tours. For example, on the Sun Trail, which starts right in front of the Kiens-Chienes town hall and continues on a 50 km (31 mile) loop via the sunny village of Terenten-Terento past many worthwhile spots, such as the Issinger Weiher-Laghetto d’Issengo pond.


Riding through the landscape, taking time for yourself, but stopping again and again to enjoy the view of steep peaks, green meadows, and fields gently swaying in the wind – in Kiens-Chienes, bicycling and enjoying the outdoors are inseparable.

MTB on a steep downhill run | © Armin Walcher
Bike Tours 
in Chienes
Talradweg | © Skirama Praktikant, Kiens
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Pustertal Valley Bike Route
Distance 62,0 km
Duration 4 h 19 min
Ascent 468 m
Decent 878 m
Bike Tour Sonnenburg and Casteldarne/Ehrenburg
Distance 15,9 km
Duration 1 h 32 min
Ascent 160 m
Decent 160 m
Bressanone e Passo delle Erbe | © San Vigilio/San Martin, St. Vigil in Enneberg
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Bressanone and Passo delle Erbe
Distance 100,3 km
Duration 6 h 13 min
Ascent 2.358 m
Decent 2.358 m
Bruneck - Brixen
Distance 41,7 km
Duration 3 h 09 min
Ascent 261 m
Decent 639 m
Bike trail Val Pusteria | © Alex Filz, Tourismusverein Antholzertal
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Pustertal Valley bike route to Mühlbach
Distance 37,4 km
Duration 2 h 33 min
Ascent 772 m
Decent 1.035 m
Leg Brunico|Bruneck - Fortezza|Franzensfeste | © TVB Kronplatz, Laurin Moser, Ski- und Wandergebiet Kronplatz
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Pustertal|Val Pusteria Bike Route: Leg Brunico|Bruneck - Fortezza|Franzensfeste
Distance 34,7 km
Duration 2 h 27 min
Ascent 975 m
Decent 1.046 m
Pustertal Valley bikeway Valdaora/Olang
Distance 79,5 km
Duration 5 h 51 min
Ascent 1.652 m
Decent 2.044 m