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Group on rock | © Georg Tappeiner
Family out for a walk | © Harald Wisthaler
Hiking group takes a rest | © georg Tappeiner
Weekly programme and events
Family on the playground | © Herbmedia vGmbh
Family on the playground | © Herbmedia vGmbh
Family friendly holiday resort
Holiday with children in Kiens/Chienes

In picturesque Kiens-Chienes, the little ones are very clearly in charge. Whether it is because of the natural and cultural landscape at 900 m (2,953 ft.) above sea level, the result of the gentle geographic formations, or simply due to the child-friendly nature of the residents.


In the region it seems like there is a particularly large number of renowned children hotels which of course have a fixed place in their program for offers catering to the taste of the younger generation. These include babysitting, playgrounds in Kiens/Chienes and Ehrenburg/Casteldarne, adventure games, and much, much more. 

Family at play | © HERB-media vGmbh
Family at play | © HERB-media vGmbh
Family highlights in Kiens/Chienes
Fun and games for young and old!

But the highlight remains activities in nature with Mom and Dad: discovering the traces of ancient Romans on easy but all the more exciting hikes, trying to find the most colorful pair of wings on the Butterfly Path, or having the first experiences on their high horse with pony rides. There is definitely something new to do here every day! 

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Children's Playground Ehrenburg/Casteldarne
Children's Playground Kiens
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