Skiing & Snowboarding
The ski slope is calling!
Skier on ski slope
Skis leaning against the fence with mountain panorama | © Ski Kronplatz
4 Skiers standing on ski slope
Two skiers with skis
Two skiers with skis
Descents through a winter wonderland
Skiing at the Kronplatz

Towering above Chienes-Kiens and its hamlets just a few kilometers away is South Tyrol-Südtirol’s Number One ski mountain, the majestic Plan de Corones-Kronplatz. Perfectly prepared ski slopes, snappy descents, and a fantastic panorama offer skiers and snowboarders everything that their athletic hearts desire. 

This shows once again that skiing sports will remain the top trend sports in winter for a long time to come.

There is also a train that runs to the ski area. It takes twenty minutes to get from the railway station in Casteldarne-Ehrenburg to the Perca-Percha valley terminal of the cableway. The valley terminal there is directly connected with the railway station. At the ski storage area of the valley terminal, skis and equipment can be stored during your entire vacation.

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