Winter Hiking
Filling the lungs with winter air
Snowy meadow with sun
Vista su Chienes innevata
Couple walking through the snow
Couple walking through the snow
On foot through snowy valleys
Hiking in the cold season

The fresh winter air of South Tyrol-Südtirol does a body good and awakens the spirits of life energy deep inside. A dose of healthy air every day makes our bodies strong and strengthens their defenses. In Chienes-Kiens and the surrounding villages, there are a number of groomed winter hiking trails that are the perfect invitation to winter hiking or simply a comfortable stroll.

And for those who prefer to sniff some real mountain air, they can set off on a cleared logging road and explore the mountain landscape around Chienes. During the winter months, this is enchantingly beautiful and radiates a unique, pleasant tranquility. 

Farm hike between Chienes/Kiens and San Sigismondo/St. Sigmund
Distance 8,3 km
Duration 3 h 00 min
Ascent 380 m
Decent 380 m
Winter hiking path: Following in the tracks of the ancient romans
Distance 3,2 km
Duration 1 h 30 min
Ascent 50 m
Decent 50 m
St. Sigmund | © Tourismusverei nKiens, Kiens
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Winter hiking path: San Sigismondo/St. Sigmund butterfly trail
Distance 8,8 km
Duration 2 h 44 min
Ascent 418 m
Decent 418 m