Ice Skating
Of gentle gliding and speedy sprints
Ladies Ice Skating Skates
Two women skating
Two women skating
On ice with your loved ones
Ice Skating in Chienes

Placing one foot in front of the other and picking up speed, gliding faster and faster over the slightly rough natural ice, the sparkling surface stretched out before you. Cutting tight curves, turning pirouettes, daring to try a jump or two.

There are three natural outdoor skating areas in and around Chienes-Kiens: in addition to the ice rink in the village itself, there are others in Casteldarne-Ehrenburg and S. Sigismondo-St. Sigmund. All of them are easy to reach and find and are ideally suited for a family day on the ice or for some wintry evening romance. And by the way, watching is almost as much fun as the skating itself!